In the past I have worked for over 40 agencies, and most of the reference projects were through agencies or other translators. These include:

1) SAP: coordination of a large project (250,000+ lines) for a major carmaker involving SAP documentation (work flow, logistics, accounting, inventory control). I was involved in file management, allocating work to translators, checking the work, monitoring progress, and also translating.

2) Traffic telematics and car navigation system

3) Military: Design specifications for a planned infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)

4) UFZ, Leipzig: Newsletter on environmental issues

5) Reference book on Japanese lacquer and lacquerware

Direct customers: User documentation for innotec (now called Comos Industry Solutions), Schwelm; industrial plant engineering planning software (Comos).

User documentation for Siempelkamp, Krefeld; wood processing machinery and industrial plant.

Translations of Websites: Website for Dr. Bessler, Zurich, CH (nose surgery) Hetzel, Tor-Westen und Partner (architectural technical planning) Home-Appartements


In addition, I also have experience with desktop publishing and technical documentation. In Japan I published newsletters for SWET (Society of Writers, Editors and Translators,, the TPC (Tokyo PC Users Group, and for an outdoor activities group, the IAC (International Adventure Club, In 2007 I organized the Website for the Dolmetscher- und Übersetzer-Forum Düsseldorf (DÜFD,