What I can offer you:

The benefits of 25 years of experience in technical translation in various fields, from German into English.


I originally come from Gloucestershire in the UK, but have lived abroad since 1980, firstly in Japan and then in Germany. In Japan I worked with computers and began with technical translation and editing in 1985.

I am also part of cross translations, a consortium of translators in the field of medical equipment.

Education and professional training:

Combined Honours degree in Russian and German at the University of Birmingham, 1974.


I studied French and Russian, and can translate from those languages, but these days I work almost exclusively in German to English.

I maintain contacts with other translators, both personally and over the Internet, so that I can draw on these people to handle either languages or specialist topics that I do not do myself. This also means that I can find people to help me out in the event of being offered a large project that requires several people. See also the links to other translators on the Links page.